Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pushing 70

Yup, today it was pushing 70 degrees!! Such a pleasant surprise for the first day of February, that's for sure. Scotty is still feeling under the weather with a horrible headache and pain in his sit bones, and I was totally expecting this day to be kind of dreary and sad, but when I went out this morning to run errands I was totally surprised. The sun was so bright, and the breeze was as warm as May. I had to take off my scarf and roll up the sleeves of my shirt. I got to blast my radio with the windows down on my way to the grocery store! I LOVED every second of it.

When I got home I convinced hubby to come outside to enjoy a little fresh air. I figured it might help him feel a little better, too. While he hung around outside I cleaned out our super messy car and took out some boxes to the dumpster (the dumpster that's super far away and on a complete incline) to get my blood pumping a little. It feels so good to get stuff done in sunshine and warm air! I feel so much more productive when it's nice outside because I don't want to just hibernate and watch movies.

What did everyone else do with their day? And does anyone else feel more productive on warmer days? I even think just BEING outside makes my day "productive" because I am DOING something! As an added bonus, does anyone already have a summer to-do or to-buy list? (I'll give you a hint about mine: one of the items is on my 'things I'm obsessed with' list and the other goes on my (and my hubby's) face!)

Thanks for reading!
Mrs. E

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