Saturday, February 11, 2012

Great Music

This weekend thus far has been so lazy and relaxing. I've caught up with house work, spent quality time with my hubby, and listened to some great tunes. I have two great links for you guys--both lead to FREE things =]

1. Music. My brother is in a new band called Market East, and they are seriously phenomenal!! They played at my wedding back in August as their first show as a group (each musician has been in multiple music groups in the past and have played together often). People kept telling me how awesome they were and how their vibe just fit in with our whole wedding. I was so lucky to have them play. Now they are giving us all a great opportunity. They are giving away their 6-song Ep for free here. It is truly amazing. Other blogs have said amazing things like: "The Philly-based band has captured our hearts and our ears with their self-titled release now available on their Bandcamp"-The Miscreant. Market East has also played on the radio 104.5! They are taking the music world by storm and captivating our hearts. You should all befriend them on Facebook.

2. I have another awesome family Facebook friend for you all to check out! The page is ChromaGen Vision, and they are completely changing the ball game when it comes to Dyslexia and Colorblindness. I am so proud that my father-in law and brother-in law are changing lives in such a positive way. If you LIKE their facebook page you can win a free iPad 2! Like the page, then click the button "Win an iPad 2" in the box under the profile picture.

I hope you all check out both Market East and ChromaGen. Leave a comment below if you check them out! Also let me know how you like the Ep and if you win an iPad!

Thanks for reading,
Mrs. E =]

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