The Full Story

I'm Victoria (Mrs. E). I am considered a newlywed, but I've known I was going to marry my hubbs, Scotty, for a long time. I met him at church when I was 14. We were awesome friends for awhile, but when he was 16 (and I was 15) he had a stroke to his spinal cord, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. We stuck together through a lot of his rehabilitation, and dated soon after. By the time I was 16 I knew he was the one. We spend some time apart to "explore our other options," but I always knew it was him. When going through our breakup I would pray to God that I could just 'forget him,' but God gave me the same answer everytime: "be content, I made him for you." We got back together after almost a year apart, and have stayed together ever since! Physically, he has recovered some strength in his legs, though he is confined to a wheelchair half the time. I usually don't even notice. On April 23rd (23 is my favorite number!) he proposed by our favorite cross in our favorite park. I {obviously} said yes, and he walked the whole day on our wedding on August 20!

Scotty, and our Kittens (Banana and Cocoa Bean), keep me occupied for now, but we can't wait until we can have our own little peanut to love but come May we will be adding a human baby to our family! We are adding a little baby boy to our brood!

I plan on documenting every twist and turn and adventure that life gives us and just enjoy each day we have together!


  1. That's so sweet, I love your love story :) and your cats are adorable (I'm a cat lover myself).

  2. Thanks! They are our little babies =] But now I realize I have to update this section!