Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pain in the butt

Sometimes it really stinks having a hubby that's in a wheelchair. Today/this week, especially, has been difficult. The part that stinks is just seeing him struggle with his own body. For awhile in the fall he had a terrible time walking without falling. Although he normally isn't the best walker, he can usually walk up and down the stairs and around the house (even though he's slow and sometimes balance-less). Right after we came back from our honeymoon he would fall up to five times a day. (He improved by winter.) It was so hard to watch him struggle with something his body should be able to do. There wasn't much I could do other than try and lighten the mood or try to empathize.

Recently, he's had some other problems that are just really a pain in the butt...excuse my pun. The way hubby feels pain below his chest is a lot different than the way people normally feel pain. (Like he can't really differentiate between hot and cold or a stomach ache from being hungry.) Currently, his butt-bone (sit bones) have been very tender and painful. He is in a lot of pain when he sits, but he doesn't have the slightest idea what it could be from or even what kind of pain it is. Via the process of elimination, we think he has bruised sit-bones. He has been falling more lately (kind of like the problem he had in the fall, but not as bad), and there have definitely been some bad falls where he's landed directly onto his bottom. I'm hoping it's a bone bruise and sitting on a donut will help!

Please send your prayers/good vibes/hopeful thoughts Scotty's way! =]
Thanks for reading,
Mrs. E

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