Thursday, February 23, 2012

Style Thursday!

I am trying something new out- Style Tuesday and Style Thursday! I work on Tuesdays and usually don't work Thursday so we'll see how it goes!

Today, we took the baby (Cocoa Bean haha) to the vet. The vet says that she's only FOUR weeks! wowzers. That means we got her when she was THREE weeks. Wayyy too young to be away from mommy, but she is doing sooo well. She is eating a mixture of soft/wet food and kibble, which is incredible. She got de-wormed, thank goodness, so the swelling in her belly should go down. Banana was so happy when we all got home from the vet--she must miss her little sister!

On tap today is just doing some cleaning (what's new), sending out some work emails, and hopefully doing my nails!

So here's the first installment of Style Thursday!:

 Blazer: Love Culture, Tshirt: Pacsun, Scarf: old Gap, Leggings: f21, Shoes:Aldo spring '11
Although it was warm today, the wind was crazy! haha Sorry I look so awkward and surprised! hahaha

Thanks for reading,
Mrs. E

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