Wednesday, February 8, 2012

summer goals and housewife duties of my dreams

So I can't get too much into depth about my excitement for my possible outside of work project yet because it is totally not for sure happening as of right now, but I seriously can't stop thinking about it. Today I had a brief conversation with my boss about a possible fund raiser that I could be heading up this summer.
As a "housewife" I hope to be able to work with a bunch of different charities to raise money. My ultimate goal is to start a charity of my own, but I want to be fully prepared by doing as much fundraising for other foundations first. I did a lot of event fundraising throughout high school with my philanthropy club and loved every minute of it.
This summer, if I get the opportunity to put on the amazing event I'm dreaming of I will be such a happy girl!
Can anyone say bball and bands?

Do you guys have any favorite charities or causes that you support every year? I know Penn State has THON and tons of people do Relay for Life. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think and any favorite fund raisers!

Thanks for reading,
Mrs. E =]

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