Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recap and Anticipation!

I just finished this post, and then I erased it all! So, a quick recap of Memorial Day weekend: I worked Sat and some of Monday, but relaxed allll day with Scott and Emily on Saturday by the pool getting burnt. It was a much-needed day of rest.

It was fun making a hands flag with the seniors for our cookout on Memorial Day. I got a trace of everyone's handprint, cut it out, and put it on some felt to make a flag. They all loved it, and I'm so proud of it!!
For our family BBQ later that day, I iced sugar cookies red, white, and blue, and arranged them in the shape of a flag (of course). They were a hit, and I couldn't stop eating them, lol! I'll definitely have to step it up for Fourth of July!!

The real excitement, though, is for our upcoming beach weekend! Scotty, Jay, Kelly, and I are going to Avalon for the weekend to relax and hit the beach for some fun! It might be our only real opportunity for a relaxing weekend down there all summer because of Scott and my work schedule, so we are totally going to cherish it!

I hope everyone else's start to 'summer' is going well!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Busy May Weekend

By busy I mean...we didn't do nothing like we normally do :)
Friday night was a little cousin pow-wow. Scott's cousin, Greg, and his girlfriend, Hannah, came for dinner. Later in the night, Emily (Scott's cousin) joined. It was very loud and fun, as always.
Saturday was our cousin, Dan's, graduation party! He graduated med school today! Yay! It was hosted at Aunt Joanie's house (the same house at which we had our wedding 9 months ago). I have quite a few pictures:

 Afterwards, Scott, Emily, Caroline, and I soaked up in the hot tub at Caroline's house. I love family weekends with the cousins!!

Scott and I went to our former church this morning. It was just another reminder that we really need to find a church better suited for our needs. We are in a phase in life where we need to have support from other people in the same phase, and this church just can't offer it.
Here's what I wore:

After church we got some Lunchables and went to the park for a little picnic and sun!

The afternoon is rounding out our weekend very nicely. X-men is on tv, and Scott's working on his art. Today is a glorious Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Casual Errand Day

I wore this dress twice this week. One day I layered it over a lilac tshirt, put my hair in a braid/bun, and added different jewelry. For my work on art/errand day I kept it simple with a scarf.

This week I really didn't get any outfit pictures =[
Today, Scotty and I went to a family graduation party. I got some good pictures of Scott's uncle and daughter, Jay and Kelly, Me and Emily, Emily and her mom, and I got one bad picture of me and Scott. I was kinda bummed! But, I'll be sure to get some pictures when we are at the beach in two weekends!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012


A dear family friend sent this to me the other day. I knew it would be moving, so I didn't open it right away. The thing is, when someone prefaces it with "this reminds me of you and Scott," I get nervous. You see, usually it is moving or something that makes me cry. This was no exception.

Please watch. Please reflect. Be grateful. No, Scotty's brain was not affected; it was his spine. But, I understand just a fraction of what this beautiful couple experiences.
My words are still...unsatisfactory right now. I just cannot process all the emotions I have when I viewed this and while I reflect.
God is great. He is awesome and faithful to his people. I love him and will praise him. NO matter.

May you all be blessed and praise God for your blessings this weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Celebration was the theme this weekend. Scott and I have so much to be thankful for, and this weekend was really all about those things!
Friday we needed a date night. We just needed time to connect and enjoy each other. Getting into a new schedule with our work has been a transition, and we need to just adjust. On Thursday we watched the movie "The Vow," which sparked an idea. Friday morning I sequestered myself in our bedroom alone to write Scotty a letter. I just told him all the things I would miss about our years together if I lost my memory. That night I gave him an invitation to have a nice dinner and game night. Right before our super yummy steak dinner I gave him the letter. We just enjoyed our night together. The game was fun, the food was amazing, and we turned up the heat.

Saturday Scotty and I went into the city to celebrate our friend, Corey's, birthday. It was a blast! She had a backyard bbq with a pig, lots of drinks, some games, and lots of friends! We stayed for most of the night and had an amazing time.
 Scott decided to bust a move while playing this weird game.
 Letting Nate try my awesome mix drink skills!
 My hot husband! (Wayyyy into the night)
 The birthday girl, Nate (former co-worker and awesome guy), and me =]
The super good-looking couple, haha!!

Sunday I worked the nursing home then had my brother and mom over for dinner afterwards. I made pasta with cheesey chicken strips in sauce. It was delectable and so fun!

Hope all of you had awesome mom-day and a great weekend!

Friday, May 11, 2012


My style. Let's see...
It's like Lilly Pulitzer meets Express meets a homeless person meets Target? Simple and boho-urban with a twist of boring. Terrified of rules, which is why I feel so boring when dressing for work (which is silly since there are ver few rules). Ever-evolving and changing. Different ever day. A little Loft and some Banana Republic wanna-be. BCBG. Timeless trendy?

The thing style is kind of a little bit of everything and everyone. It's my husband's sweater and a ball gown or a pencil skirt and tank top. It really is unpredictable. I wish it was a little less boring, but I'm getting there.

Style pieces that would help me get there:

Interesting sweaters, bright button downs, skirts (but work appropriate lengths!), a girly cardigan, and neon and/or peplem!

What does style mean and what kind of style do you have? Are you fully happy with your style?