Monday, February 20, 2012

a Few of my Favorite Things

So I have this designer dress that I got a couple of years ago, and it fits funny. Hopefully I can do a post tomorrow about turning it from a dress into a skirt!

For today, I just want to do a picture heavy post about some of my favorite things!

Today my hubby got us one of my favorite things to enjoy....
Yes! Peanut butter patties are my absolute favorite. I could seriously go through a whole box on my own in one to two sittings!

Anyone who has been reading my blog probably already knows how much I LOVE and appreciate this:

These are all BCBG dresses. I adore BCBG. I feel like everything fits perfectly, and I just have never had an issue with any of my dresses from them. These are only a couple of examples of my BCBG dresses-I have probably 10. I wore one to my bridal shower, father's day bbq, senior prom, and almost any other occasion! The top one is from last Easter with my Sister in law. We got engaged around the same time. The middle one is my rehearsal dinner dress--please excuse my horrible mid-sentence face. The last one is obviously my wedding dress. It fit perfectly, was the perfect material for our late August outdoor affair, and I just didn't see the point in spending a small fortune on a dress I would only wear once! (and I didn't feel bad ruining it at the end of the night when I jumped in the pool-below-)

These are no-brainers. I didn't put them at the top of the list because it's soooo obvious...

Along with my cute little growing family, I also love my parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc! I'm kicking myself in the booty right now because I had a picture of me and Banana from when she was almost as small as Cocoa Bean, but I can't find it right now =[

Another thing I'm absolutely OBSESSED with
It's pretty obvious...I mean, who ISN'T obsessed with these right now?!

Even though my list could go on and on (Check my list at the bottom of the page of things I'm obsessed with) this is my last thing I want to mention
YES! It's Khloe and Lamar. I love them, I love their show, and I thought the premier last night was phenomenal!

Anyway, you guys should drop me a comment below and tell me what YOU are obsessed with right now? What are some of your favorite treats, people, gadgets, or shows?!

Thanks for reading,
Mrs. E =]

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