Thursday, February 16, 2012

Totally Slacking

Here are some of my valentines. Still undelivered. Still no goodie-bags made...probably won't happen this year since it's all over. I only gave one--to my dad (so no picture). I still have Dana's and Emily's...and Scott's even though I sort of gave it to him.

All of them-hastily shot:
Couldn't even contain my fury of the blurriness and horrible lighting in my house, so I don't have my mom's.

Scotty and I started the day (yesterday-our Valentine's day) with a yummy pastry breakie. I put white chocolate chips in cresent rolls to make small chocolate croissants. We enjoyed eating them in bed until Cocoa Bean peed in our bed...She's still learning about her litter box. We continued the morning with some wash haha. We spent most of the day trying to get Banana and Cocoa acclimated to eachother. Each day they get a little better together.
Anyway, my dad came over to see the kittens and fawn over them. He just loved that Banana licks and cleans her.
In the evening we had my friend Dana come over with her friend to cat-sit while we went out. We went to dinner at Red Lobster and ate until we popped! Full on appetizers and then split a surf and turf dish.
We went to three stores to get discount Valentine candy but they were closed! And the grocery store didn't have any. We came home and exchanged valentines. Scotty customized this corny picture:
 It says, "I've fallen in love many times, always with you"
I gave him this home-made Valentine:
 We both wrote out long letters for eachother. I took 2.14.12 (February 14 2012) and made a list. TWO (2) things about my life with Scotty that I couldn't live without, FOURTEEN (14) Little things about Scotty that make him special, and TWELVE (12) firsts I've had with Scotty. He wrote me 101 reasons why he loves me. It was fun reading them together and just being lovey and gushy. It was an awesome Valentine's!

My bro-in-law, Jay, came over on Tuesday night to do a little photo-shoot with Nanners and Cocoa. I'm so excited for him to send the pictures to me so I can post them and show you all! We put Cocoa next to an apple and I swear it's bigger than her. Times like Tuesday I'm reminded how awesome it is to have family literally living next door! I love my new siblings, and I feel so blessed to be close in distance to at least one of them.

On a completely different note, today, February 16, 2012 marks 5 years exactly to the day since Scotty had his stroke. We always call it the accident, but really there was no accident. He didn't fall or get into any wreck. He had a stroke. I think we just call it the accident because it skirts around it. Anyway, today I am so thankful that my hubby is alive. He could have lost so much more that day, and it's a miracle he is alive.

Well, I hope everyone had a loving and full week so far!
Thanks for reading,
Mrs. E =]

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