Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I had finished most of my Valentine's by Sunday. I was psyched and ready to make the treats and hand them out today...and then Cocoa happened. She has consumed every moment today and yesterday. I don't have pictures of my valentines nor have I made any of the treats or handed them out!
I promise since I have all day off tomorrow that I will post my pictures! I'll also tell you how Scotty and I celebrate! (We celebrate the day after every year because dinner and chocolates are cheaper!!!!)

This is how the day started:
 Banana and Cocoa shared a sniff/kiss!
They've been playing/fighting/loving each other all day. We aren't letting them be together without being highly supervised. Banana gave Cocoa a bath but then she starts biting her and trying to carry her around--we're nervous! We know that it's a motherly thing, but she's gotten super rough with her toys in the past so I'm trying to prevent too much biting etc.
 Here's my little furball!
 She always tries to nuzzle her way into my shirt and sit right under my chin.
Excuse my pained face! She has super tiny claws that she uses to keep from sliding off my chest!

Here's a picture of Banana from when we first got her:
She was a little bit bigger but just as cute!

I love loving two little kittens!
Thanks for reading
Mrs. E =]

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