Thursday, January 31, 2013

25 Weeks

Gah, time is going so slowly/quickly! Only 15ish weeks left! I'm super excited but super nervous, too. I feel like I have so much I want to do before baby C is here, but I've already accomplished so much of it! My "big project list" is getting pretty short, thankfully. I really worked hard in January to get the house ready for our entertaining coming up/the baby.

Here's the belly:

Baby's Size: about a pound and a half! He is pretty significant weight, now!
Weight Gain: 7lbs total. I keep telling myself "you're supposed to be gaining weight!"
Symptoms: The morning nausea is on and off, but not unbearable. Other than that, I just am getting a bit slower and more tired/achey. My hips are definitely feeling the weight but not too horrible.
Movement: Constant and powerful! Baby is very active and strong. I can see the kicks from the outside, but C is pretty stubborn-once anyone looks he stops!
Best Moment This Week: There are so many! Scott got to feel some more kicks at church on Sunday, which was so cool. Monday we enjoyed "date night" after a great doctor's appointment. Dr. M told me that I'm measuring perfect and my weight gain was good, which always makes me feel good! Afterwards Scott and I met up with Elley, Naomi, and Nate at Victory for taco night. It was a complete blast!
Worst Moment: I had a horrible dream about giving birth. I basically dreamt that I expected to just have one baby, went into labor (at 25 weeks), and found out that I was having FIVE babies! My Dr told me that 25 weeks was full term for quints, and the feelings of labor and confusion and fear were so intense. I ended up only delivering three babies? It just reminded me that I am NOT ready to have this baby quite yet. I definitely still need to prep more (and he needs to develop) before I'd be comfortable or at peace with having him. I can't wait...but I actually can for a couple more weeks ;)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recent Baby Snags

Everybody knows I am slightly addicted to clothes/fashion. Although my 'daily uniform' is leggings with a tshirt and cardigan, I do like to look good (most of the time). One of my greatest accomplishments was getting Scotty out of those lackluster Old Navy graphic Ts and cargos. Now, it's rare for us to go out with family and/or friends without someone complimenting Scott on how good he looks.

That all being said, there is no way I'd be putting baby C in boring or generic threads. Sure, he'll know how to sport a onesie/footie pjs/fleece playsuits. I want my baby boy to be comfortable! I also want him to be stylish. My personal style isn't really the whole cars/dinosaurs/sports graphics. Every now and then they are cute, but I'm much more drawn to "little man" clothes or less "boy-y" digs. I totally dig gray, chevron, mint, and animal playsuits. As for his non "baby sweats," I'll be dressing him as a mini-Scott! I can't fathom spending major bucks for his very disposable wardrobe, so I've been buying sale pieces for this time next year. Here are a few of my recent treasure finds:
From corner left: H&M argyle sweater (on sale for $5), Zara coat (on sale for $25-originally $50), grey Gap sweatpants (during their extra 40% off sale items event), red Gap corduroy pants (also during the extra 40% sale), grey Gap oxford onesie (it was my big splurge at about $19 during a sale--but I used a gift card!), and Oshkosh B'Gosh sweater from Target (originally $15 on sale for $4.50!)

All of these clothes are in winter appropriate sizes for next year. They range from 4-12 months. I'm resisting buying newborn or 0-3 month clothes since I know that's what most people will buy for the baby.

Where are your favorite places for baby clothes?

PS-I was SO excited to get our Zara package today!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Viability Day!

We have reached V-Day!
Basically, if I were to God-forbid have the baby at 24 weeks the baby's survival odds are between 40-70% and the NICU will do everything in their power to save him. Before this date, most insurances will not cover extensive measures to save baby. Starting this week baby's chances of survival rise about 2-3% each day!! At 27 weeks baby has greater than 90% chance of survival. Obviously, we want little C to cook until at least 37 weeks, but reaching V-day is huge and amazing!

I feel like I'm huge!

Baby Size: an ear of corn! He's gained almost 4 oz since last week! He's lean and long but putting on weight every day. (Baby is about a pound and a quarter/pound and a half-woah.)

Weight Gain: I won't know for another week! Last appointment I was up 4lbs, so I'm guessing at my appointment next week I'll be up between 7 and 9 lbs total. I haven't been eating that well, unfortunately, but I haven't been over-eating.

Symptoms: I'm starting to really get uncomfortable. My hips and back hurt frequently, and my belly feels really big. C has been jumping on my bladder almost every night which makes me have that horrible feeling of having to pee. I go constantly! My anxiety has also returned full-force in the past couple of days, but I have a big feeling it's just due to adjusting to Scott being gone ten hours a day everyday. I try to just rest and stay positive.

Cravings: Um, I haven't been able to put the Reeces Peanut Butter Cups down...seriously. Also, I have been wanting MILKSHAKES. I haven't had one this week, but I'm sure I will cave soon mwahaha.

Food Aversions: eggs. I just realized this week that I've been "offended" by eggs this whole pregnancy! I normally love eggs, but now I just wrinkle my nose.

Movement: ALL DAY! I love feeling him move and kick (except for those wonderful times he uses my bladder as a trampoline). I can see them from the outside every now and then, too! Scott doesn't really ever see it, but he's patient.


Thursday, January 17, 2013


Wahoo! One more week until V-day (viability-day!)

I had to use my photobooth to take these photos since Scott started his new job. He leaves when it's dark and comes home when it's dark =/ He is really liking it, though!

Baby Size: Large Mango! (one of Scott's favorite fruits!)

Symptoms: I have finally started getting Braxton Hicks contractions! I first noticed them the day before my birthday, and they were most uncomfortable in my back. They are very uncomfortable, but I wouldn't say they are 'painful.' I'm also getting much bigger, so my shirts are starting to get too short to wear! Scott and I will be hitting up Target for some longer basic shirts this weekend.

Movement: C moves all the time! I feel him after meals, in the morning, and at night the most. Today while I was eating lunch he was kicking really hard, so I looked down at my belly. Sure enough, I saw a little "jump" where he was kicking! It was so amazing. I wish I had been filming it on my phone so Scotty could see, but I'm sure this will become more frequent.

As I said before, I'm really enjoying more energy and trying to take advantage of it! I've been doing a lot of projects around the house, cooking more, and cleaning! It's been awesome! I definitely feel more like the 'old' me.

Monday, January 14, 2013

21. YEARS. not weeks.

I turned 21 on Sunday! My celebrations were very low-key but oh so nice.

Saturday my mom treated me, Scott, and my brother to dinner at On The Boarder (yessss). It was delicious, filling, and completely what I was craving. I was going to get a picture, but by the end of the night I was just too exhausted to keep my strapless shirt up any longer. I, instead, changed into leggings, t-shirt, and sweater to lounge and laugh.

Sunday, I started the morning with a quick run to the grocery store and bagel shop with my mom to pick up goodies for breakfast.

Upon returning I enjoyed a scrumptious fresh bagel (or two), played some rock-band songs, and helped make a hearty meal of sausage, meat sauce, and pasta. My dear friends Elley and Meghan came to eat with us. My mom got me a red velvet cake (and awesome black-and-white candles)! It's actually the same cake (from the same place) as my wedding cake, so it definitely was a perfect dessert.

22 and a half weeks pregnant! (And in one of my new favorite tops!)

Being totally goofy!

Love that guy!!
The honored ladies! So thankful for my beautiful mom!
Missing my Dad today, but so happy to celebrate with the rest of the fam!
Love these lovely ladies. Seriously two of the best gals you could ask to have in your life.

I had a great, relaxing, and loving 21st. I count myself as beyond lucky.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Twenty-two weeks!

Baby's Size: Baby's as long as a spaghetti squash (around 11 inches)
Symptoms: Still have the round ligament pain and acne, but most other issues are pretty normalized. 
Sleep: Pretty good! Trying to get back to a bit more of a normal schedule. I use my body pillow most nights now to help my hips. 
Cravings: I'm still on sweets and cereal! I've been eating real fruit popsicles and 90 calorie fiber "cookies" this week instead of full-fledged cookies most of the week. 
Best Moment This Week: Scott got to feel baby C move! We were watching The Amazing Spider Man in bed (loved the movie, btw. we think Andrew G was an amazing Peter Parker) and baby was so active! Scott felt baby roll over and a couple little kicks. It was awesome!

As an added bonus, I have a picture of this handsome dude:
He's pretty yummy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I'm going slightly crazy with the projects lately. Although I'm still a good 4 months away from D-day I feel a huge fire under my butt to get things done! I know it's partially because I am starting to "nest," another part because I'm finally feeling better with lots of energy, and because I am anticipating all the upcoming excitement.

We finally chose a shower date--in March, and I want almost all of the "big projects" on the house to be done. This includes: cleaning, organizing, and painting the laundry area, painting the bathroom ceiling, cleaning/arranging both offices upstairs, getting the nursery together, and painting the master bathroom. In addition to all of that, Scott starts his new job on Monday, I'm planning a 60th birthday party for my mom the second week in February, and I'm planning to visit my dad in Fl sometime in late February. To top it all off, my birthday is on Sunday, my dad should be visiting soon to move the last of his stuff to FL (which will open up the other office to organize), and I'm helping my mom plan my shower. WHEW!

The shower is definitely being hosted by my mom. She's thrilled, and I'm excited she gets to have that special shower experience she didn't get when I got married. That being said, I LOVE party planning. I love putting together all the little details and decorations, and designing everything down to the last font. My mother so graciously is allowing me to help in all of the aspects I'm interested in. One of those special aspects is the paper--the paper being invites/wishes for baby sheets/personally designed thank-you notes. Since those have to go out at least 6 weeks in advance, I need to have them all finished by the end of the month! I'm ecstatic at how the graphic design of them turned out! My mom and I collaborated on all of it (since she is the host!) and here's a little sneak peak of how the invite looks!
I have the rest of it, but this is just a little snippit of what's in store! Next step is getting them printed and mounted onto the background. I will be sure to share everything after the shower, but I just HAD to brag a little since I've spent about two hours in the past two days perfecting these special pieces.

Do any of you have any major projects happening before spring sets in? I like to think that all of my work is just a huge spring cleaning prep! Once the shower is over, I plan to just clean and clean and clean until baby C gets here!

PS. now you all know the initials for baby boy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

21 weeks

This is taken at 21 weeks 1 day.  I always feel like these pictures look really weird, but I think I'm just overly critical of myself. It definitely takes a lot of getting used to taking pictures of yourself consistently.

How Far Along: 21w1d

Weight Gain: I'm up 2 pounds! Baby is 12 oz, and my doctor says the rest of the weight is just fluid and blood volume. My goal is to not gain more than 25lbs, but as long as baby is healthy I'll deal with however many pounds I have to gain.

Baby's Sex: BOY! We found out earlier this week at our anatomy scan!

Symptoms: I'm having a little more round-ligament paint, but other than that I've actually evened out in the symptoms I had before. My blood pressure is nice and low, my nausea is rare-just some mornings before I've digested my first meal, and I do have some more energy. Acne is still here, but I don't care about it as much as I did before.

Sleep: I sleep a ton! I still pee a couple of times a night, but I normally can get right back to sleep. I use my body pillow to help my hips about half of the time.

Movement: C is moving all the time! I mostly feel him after I eat. At our scan he was moving like crazy! He was kicking, flipping, moving, and waving the whole time! We could also see him sucking, which was so cute. His kicks are getting stronger, and I've felt him from the outside once! I can't wait until Scotty can feel him.

I've been bonding more and more with C. I talk to him every day and am always rubbing my belly. In just 4 short months he'll be here to love and cuddle! I'm amped to get his nursery finished, and I've been collecting only the cutest clothes I see (on sale).