Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recap and Anticipation!

I just finished this post, and then I erased it all! So, a quick recap of Memorial Day weekend: I worked Sat and some of Monday, but relaxed allll day with Scott and Emily on Saturday by the pool getting burnt. It was a much-needed day of rest.

It was fun making a hands flag with the seniors for our cookout on Memorial Day. I got a trace of everyone's handprint, cut it out, and put it on some felt to make a flag. They all loved it, and I'm so proud of it!!
For our family BBQ later that day, I iced sugar cookies red, white, and blue, and arranged them in the shape of a flag (of course). They were a hit, and I couldn't stop eating them, lol! I'll definitely have to step it up for Fourth of July!!

The real excitement, though, is for our upcoming beach weekend! Scotty, Jay, Kelly, and I are going to Avalon for the weekend to relax and hit the beach for some fun! It might be our only real opportunity for a relaxing weekend down there all summer because of Scott and my work schedule, so we are totally going to cherish it!

I hope everyone else's start to 'summer' is going well!!

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