Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Busy May Weekend

By busy I mean...we didn't do nothing like we normally do :)
Friday night was a little cousin pow-wow. Scott's cousin, Greg, and his girlfriend, Hannah, came for dinner. Later in the night, Emily (Scott's cousin) joined. It was very loud and fun, as always.
Saturday was our cousin, Dan's, graduation party! He graduated med school today! Yay! It was hosted at Aunt Joanie's house (the same house at which we had our wedding 9 months ago). I have quite a few pictures:

 Afterwards, Scott, Emily, Caroline, and I soaked up in the hot tub at Caroline's house. I love family weekends with the cousins!!

Scott and I went to our former church this morning. It was just another reminder that we really need to find a church better suited for our needs. We are in a phase in life where we need to have support from other people in the same phase, and this church just can't offer it.
Here's what I wore:

After church we got some Lunchables and went to the park for a little picnic and sun!

The afternoon is rounding out our weekend very nicely. X-men is on tv, and Scott's working on his art. Today is a glorious Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

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