Monday, May 14, 2012


Celebration was the theme this weekend. Scott and I have so much to be thankful for, and this weekend was really all about those things!
Friday we needed a date night. We just needed time to connect and enjoy each other. Getting into a new schedule with our work has been a transition, and we need to just adjust. On Thursday we watched the movie "The Vow," which sparked an idea. Friday morning I sequestered myself in our bedroom alone to write Scotty a letter. I just told him all the things I would miss about our years together if I lost my memory. That night I gave him an invitation to have a nice dinner and game night. Right before our super yummy steak dinner I gave him the letter. We just enjoyed our night together. The game was fun, the food was amazing, and we turned up the heat.

Saturday Scotty and I went into the city to celebrate our friend, Corey's, birthday. It was a blast! She had a backyard bbq with a pig, lots of drinks, some games, and lots of friends! We stayed for most of the night and had an amazing time.
 Scott decided to bust a move while playing this weird game.
 Letting Nate try my awesome mix drink skills!
 My hot husband! (Wayyyy into the night)
 The birthday girl, Nate (former co-worker and awesome guy), and me =]
The super good-looking couple, haha!!

Sunday I worked the nursing home then had my brother and mom over for dinner afterwards. I made pasta with cheesey chicken strips in sauce. It was delectable and so fun!

Hope all of you had awesome mom-day and a great weekend!


  1. The date night sounds like a really cute idea!