Friday, May 11, 2012


My style. Let's see...
It's like Lilly Pulitzer meets Express meets a homeless person meets Target? Simple and boho-urban with a twist of boring. Terrified of rules, which is why I feel so boring when dressing for work (which is silly since there are ver few rules). Ever-evolving and changing. Different ever day. A little Loft and some Banana Republic wanna-be. BCBG. Timeless trendy?

The thing style is kind of a little bit of everything and everyone. It's my husband's sweater and a ball gown or a pencil skirt and tank top. It really is unpredictable. I wish it was a little less boring, but I'm getting there.

Style pieces that would help me get there:

Interesting sweaters, bright button downs, skirts (but work appropriate lengths!), a girly cardigan, and neon and/or peplem!

What does style mean and what kind of style do you have? Are you fully happy with your style?

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