Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scott's Birthday Weekend.

The birthday weekend extroidanaire began with a heartfelt card and a yummy warm batch of chocolate croissants.
He worked, and I went to get him an awesome present. I picked up a blue Banana Republic sweater that was originally $90 for just $17! I also brought him home yummy Japanese food for lunch.
Right after he was finished work, we went to get our awesome new phones! We went with the HTC Vivid and are absolutely obsessed. They are baller. Afterwards, some friends (and friends of theirs) ended up coming over and hanging out.
Saturday, we had lunch over at Jay and Kelly's house. Scott's parents, Kelly's sister mom and niece were there, too. It was so fun seeing baby Madison!
That night, we had friends over to celebrate with Scotty.

So many of our awesome friends were there, but after (what feels like a lifetime) of being friends with Ben I don't think we have any pictures together. I've been meaning to get pictures with him for the past year and never do, so I was DETERMINED on Saturday.

On Sunday, the celebrations continued at the Playoff Sixers game! My mom had tickets, and she so generously brought Scott and me as a little birthday gift! The three of us plus my brother, Max went. After a minor debacle with Scott's wheelchair, we got to our awesomely high seats and got to watch our team win!

Afterwards, my mom took us out to eat =]

Monday, Jay and Kelly took us out to dinner for Scott's birthday. We had sushi and frozen yogurt! I stuck to Cali rolls and Edomame and sweet flavors of frozen yogurt. It was definitely good and filling.
Scott and I got goofy taking pictures after dinner, too, before going into a "Draw Something" coma...

 Definitely the best birthday I've ever celebrated with him! And I've celebrated 18, 19, 20 (sort of), and 21! Baby, I hope you had the best weekend ever. I love you so much, and I hope you know that you deserve to be celebrated like this every day!

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