Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Candle Crazy!

This month we went candle crazy!! In a couple of weeks we have spent probably just over $30 on candles...
Here's the thing, they were 55% off at Khols, and my husband...yeah, he is scent OBSESSED! All of our old candles were dead so we had to get some yummy spring/summer smells up in here!

I stuck to two of my favorite brands: Sonoma and Chesapeake Bay. They smell heavenly and look cute, too. I only took pictures of the ones in the living room and bedroom, but we also have one in the bathroom and one or two in Scott's office.

In the living room (on our table):

The taper candles are scentless and old, but the orange candle is Sonoma Life + Style: Tropical Oasis. It smells fruity and warm. The beige/yellow candle is Chesapeake Bay: Guava Peach. The name describes it perfectly!

In our Bedroom (my dresser):

In the bedroom I like the look of the 'bare' candles as opposed to jar candles. In general I like the bare candles better (which is nice since they are cheaper), but they are messier, so I stick to the jars for the table and office. If I find pretty plates for the candles I will definitely switch to bare candles everywhere.
The orange one is Chesapeake Bay but I forget the actual name of the scent (another tropical fruity mix). The white and orange ones are Sonoma: Tropical Breeze, also.
Everytime I smell each candle I say "this one is my favorite," but really they are all amazing.
My husband tried to justify our crazy candle buying by saying, "you'll be pregnant soon; smells matter." HAHA! Fingers crossed!
PS. I think just a couple more candles (maybe two more bunches of 3 bare candles for each bookcase), and I'll be good (for now)! I probably won't get them, though. I just can't justify it!!

Is anyone else Candle Crazy?!

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