Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Walk in the Park

*Today's post will be picture heavy.*

So many good things to report today! First, Scotty and I got some free quarts of paint at Ace Hardware. Last week and this week (I'm pretty sure two weeks ago, too but we didn't know about it) they were giving away one free quart of paint per person of their new line of paint. We hit up a couple Aces and got ourselves 6 quarts=enough to repaint our bedroom. Yes, we worked the system. Sue me.

After, we visited Scotty's Papa. Each time we get to spend some time with him is a blessing. We're not sure how long he has now, but even hooked up to his wires and tubes he's as sassy as ever! It was nice being able to sit on his patio with him and share some memories together.

Hubby and I had so much fun outside that we continued our day at the park. We just sat and ate some granola bars. We just enjoyed soaking in a little bit of sun while hanging out in the grass.

We had fun. Excuse my weird was windy. And I tried parting it differently today, which it obviously didn't like. I also tried rollers. I don't think they got along.
Anyway...look at my cute, squinty eyes husband! He's seriously adorable. Oh, and he has a horrible time opening his eyes in natural light. Pictures take FOREVER.

Here's a bonus picture of him with a grass stache. Quite debonaire.

These pictures look remarkably good, right? Yeah, it's because we're back to using our old camera, the Canon Powershot. It is kind of like a super star. It makes me want to actually take pictures. These are completely un-edited, too. I seriously love this camera and will never use my other one for pictures again. The other camera is strictly for video now.  (Dear Canon, I am sorry I ever doubted you. I will not cheat on you again. I will just upgrade to an EOS Rebel possibly.)BTW, to prove it's awesomeness, here's a picture in a mirror from across the room at full zoom with only one window open no flash and we were at different spots in the room!:

The rest of our day was peachy. We practiced our Italian, and Scotty did surprise kitten with Cocoa. Here is is...
Hope you have/had a great Saturday!

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