Friday, March 9, 2012


After my morning spent pondering, Scotty and I went out. He had to get a certain color for one of his art pieces so he went to the art supply store, and right next door is Salvation Army. I tagged along to see if I could do any thrifting.

Here's the thing. Everytime I go shopping, I find way more stuff for Scotty. Today, though, I was able to get both of us button downs, and a sweater. The sweater we are sharing (I love the look of a bf cardi). Our button downs look very similar, but his is (drum roll please) J Crew. I ADORE J Crew, so when I found this relaxed oxford I made Scotty try it on.
Here it is! It's a bit wrinkled so I have to iron it. The photo isn't super detailed, but it's basically white and gray striped. It retails for $65 and I nabbed it for $4! WINNING!!!! haha

I will show my thrifts later on an outfit or something, but I will say I'm very satisfied. We stayed under $15!

Here's what I wore today (please excuse the no make-up, hair not done):

Jacket: H&M (the beloved army jacket I talked about previously), button down: New York & CO, Tshirt: f21, Jeans: super old, shoes: Aldo

I was so glad I was able to find a way to wear this button-down. I got it a while back, and bought it online (I know I know, Victoria, stop buying anything online) and it looked SO DIFFERENT online. I liked it a lot better online, actually. I was scared I would never wear it. Thankfully, though, paired with black and brown and army green, it is a lot less 'little girl' and much more wearable. I dig!!

And here's a random pic I snapped of the hubby!

 Isn't he THE cutest?! i heart him

Mrs. E =]

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