Friday, March 2, 2012

Remember that Photoshoot?

First of all, I did not do Style Thursday yesterday. I was so busy, and then I came home and immediately changed into comfy sweats. Hopefully I can tell you guys more about my business later!

Remember that photoshoot I mentioned my BIL, Jay, did with our kittens after we got Cocoa? He put them up yesterday night, and they look AWESOME. It happened at around 10:30 the night after we got her, so we had to use artificial lighting, but they still look good! (Have I ever mentioned how much Scotty and I love living 3 min away from family? Jay and Kelly live closer in walking distance than driving.)

Here are the pics!

 ^This one is my second favorite! You can see how tiny she is (even compared to my rings)!

 ^^ This one is my FAVORITE!

^We had to include Banana in the photoshoot! She had a lot of fun with our props =]

Thanks for Reading,
Mrs. E =]

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