Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not Even Getting To Me

That's right! Daylight saving's time isn't even getting to me! Because this means it stays light later! Yay for no more hibernation!!
Let me just say, hubby isn't so keen on Daylight Saving's time right now. He is clinging to the sheets this morning (but I can't really blame him...they are Egyptian Cotton).

Yesterday was pretty fab. It started out a little drab. I HAD to clean the house a bit. It was getting ridiculous. Scotty had a mountain of dishes, and I had a pile of stink that had to be washed, dried, and folded, and we both had closets that were more like caves of clothes that had to be sorted and put away properly. And Scotty and I were in a tiff. I said "We have so much to do today!" meaning "We have so much to do today together" and Scotty took it as "We have so much to do today separately let's get started peace out" (so he could also go to the grocery store and get a free pint of paint at Ace Hardware store).

So I had my panties in a bunch, but we worked it out. And went grocery shopping together. And went to Ace Hardware together--and got TWO free pints of paint. TAKE THAT, MARRIED COUPE TIFF!

Afterwards, I impromptu-ly (I know that isn't a word) got together with my sister, Kelly, (who lives literally 3 minutes away walking) and we swapped clothes. It was a total win for me, and hopefully a win for her.
Getting to hang out with her is a total treat because her and Jay are super busy people, and then Emily joined, so it was a DOUBLE treat. Once Jay got home, Scotty came over, too. We all hung out relaxing and laughing together, which was just really nice.
The "party" lead back to our house (with wheelchair tag-team pushing up and down the grassy hill and all) where we finally ate delicious dinner made by the fabulous boys. AND we pulled out rock band, which is Scotty's absolute fave. We caused quite the ruckus--aka stunk at rockband but had a blast!

Long story short, yesterday rocked my socks off! (and why I may or may not be hung-over today)

Family rocks--at least mine does.

Have a cheery Daylight Saving's Time!

Mrs. E!

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