Monday, March 5, 2012

Hair Woes

I am having a dilema. I HAVE to cut my hair soon and add back in some layers, take a bit off the ends, and just get my bounce and wave back. The thing is...SHOULD I GET BANGS AGAIN? You know, the side-sweeping, always getting in the way, annoying, but envious bangs?

I was going through my facebook trying to find a picture of me to post with my bangs...but I can't find any in the past year! That means They were in that awkward growing out phase or pinned back in every picture for the past year. Which means I must have hated them? The thing is, I think I hated them. I think I always pushed them into the rest of my hair. But I wish I didn't. I wish I loved them and styled them and looked BANGIN with them!

These are the only good pics I could find where my bangs looked ok:

I do NOT want my hair short again, and I do NOT want my bangs to be something that I try to grow out for the next year!

This is what I want bangs/hair to look like:
I think the best decision is to ask you guys! What do you think?! Bangs? No bangs? Am I setting myself up for disaster?
As for now, I'm not going to get bangs. I will hopefully be cutting my hair tomorrow, but I'll leave the bangs debate up for awhile!

Thanks for reading,
Mrs. E =]

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