Friday, March 30, 2012

Picture Time

I'm just going to pull some pictures from my camera of the last couple of days and update that way.

There are probably about 10 pictures in a row on my camera of this. Scotty thought it was necessary to take a picture of my bum to show how nice it is. It was taken before we went to dinner with Hannah and Greg while I was making cake balls. Thanks.

My two love muffins cuddling together. SO CUTE

My outfit on my worst skin/hair day I've had in a long time. Keeping it simple and neutral.

Yes, that is a giant cross in our car. We borrowed it a long time ago for our wedding, and we returned it yesterday. (Scotty's driving. You can almost see his cute face! Look at his cute big ears!)

This picture may not mean much to you, but to me it is a glorious reminder of eating Wendy's. Such a privilege!

Well, I know it's not much, but this was my week! Other than that, I cleaned, mourned, and tried to do things for my family during an emotional week.

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