Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Day

Here was my day:
1. Drive sister to the airport. Have fun conversations the whole time.
2. Paint nails. My toes are neon pink and my fingers are light shimmery gray (kind of translucent)
3. Kiss Hubby.
4. Make no-bake cake ball truffles with Hubby.
5. Go to dinner at my cousin's gf's house. She made super yummy chicken and potatoes.
6. Almost fall asleep on the way home. 30 seconds away from our destination (in our development) I spotted a dresser. It is the matching dresser to the one we have in our bedroom right now. It's perfect to complete our set.
7. Struggle to get the dresser into the car in heels. And a skirt. In rain. Then to get it up both sets of stairs.
8. Wipe down dresser and climb into bed to write this lame post.

It was an awesome day. I'm exhausted.

Ps here's the dresser except the top drawer isn't divided into two:
Hope you all had a great Saturday!

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