Thursday, March 8, 2012

Style Thursday!

I've been a bit MIA lately, but this week has just been crazy. But, the past two days have been awesome. The weather has been amazing, I've had time to spend with my hubby, and we've been working on our Italian!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take a nice long walk with Scotty outside. Afterwards, we sat on the balcony to eat grapes and listen to our Italian cd lesson. Then, I cut my hair. Yeaup, I chopped off my Rapunzel-length hair with some scissors in my bathroom. Haha, I decided that if I was going to cut my hair I had to just do it! I did! I actually am super happy I did because my hair just looks so much healthier, is so much lighter, and easier to style!

Here are some pics of my "after" hair from this morning:

Here's Style Thursday:

Thanks for Reading!
Mrs E =]

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