Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Town Gown

Goodnight! After a perfect day, I am so happy to be home, in bed, and watching "The Proposal" on tv with my hubby! It was a long and lovely and oh so relaxing day! We slept in, enjoyed beautiful spring breezes coming through our balcony door and windows, had some much needed alone time, went to our cousin's house, hung out with family, relaxed in their hot tub, and had no agenda! God has blessed us so much, and today was one of those blessings!

Speaking of blessings, Scotty and I have started something awesome. Hubby and I started a little ritual. each night we are writing down two things that made the day great in a little journal. the thing is, we live such a blessed life (I mean anyone who gets to look at his attractive face everyday is blessed!), so this is a great thing we can do together to unwind for the day and remind each other how awesome we are! It also helps us not harp on the negatives.

Reading through our week of blessings so far ^^

Super comfy outfit today:
dress: tbags, shirt: thrifted, bag: street boutique, belt: ae, sunglasses: target
(these were totally taken off of my cell phone because my camera was dead)

I hope everyone else had an awesome day!

Thanks for reading!
Mrs E =]

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