Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deck the Halls

Literally. We are finally in the final stages of finishing painting our hallway. Another coat on the trim and we'll be all done!

Today we took a little break, though, to do some holiday decorating.
We have had our tree up in our basement for a couple weeks now, but we put the upstairs one up today! We also purged all of the decorations we no longer need or use. I think we're finally down to only 3 bins of Christmas stuff!! woohoo. Scott spent a majority of his day cutting out the pre-lit lights out of the tree (the middle section was dead). It is now bare waiting for all red lights to be put on tomorrow (I normally only like white lights, but sometimes you just step outside of your comfort zone for the heck of it.)! He did an awesome job--it was some tedious work!

My day consisted of hanging garland, going through ornaments, vacuuming, and some light flower arranging. I'll post pics once it's all done!

Here we are, weary after our long day:

  (It only took about a gazillion tries to get a picture...note the very tired "are we done yet" faces...) We'll need some better Christmas pictures in the coming weeks.

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