Thursday, November 29, 2012


16 weeks (+ 1 day) over here!

Baby is the size of an Avocado! He (or she) is also going through a major growth spurt right now and will double in size in just weeks!

Last night I had a dream about baby. In the dream baby was a boy (another reason I think the lil nug is a boy). I remember changing his diaper and him not really liking it, but soon, he looked into my eyes, knew I was his mom, and smiled. He was gorgeous. He had light brown wispy hair and big blue eyes. I  remember that he was just in his diaper (probably because he is a summer baby and it was scorching in my dream), and the way his skin felt nuzzled against mine was so real and beautiful. THAT has been the best moment of my week. A possible peek into my life in a couple of months. A bonding moment in my sleep.

Here's the bump!:
(sorry about my camera phone quality!)

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's there! Sometimes I look down and think it's just fat, but I have to remind myself THERE'S A BABY IN THERE!

In other news, we are working on decorating the house and finishing up some small home improvement projects this week. (ok, more Scott than me hehe.)
Hope everyone enjoys their last couple days of November!

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