Sunday, December 30, 2012

Before Christmas

On the 23rd Scott and I went to our (former) church's Christmas service. My wonderful friend danced in it, the music is always amazing, and I do really enjoy our head pastor's sermons. I squeezed myself into an outfit I definitely could not fit in just a mere week later due to my belly pop. Afterwards, we hung out with some awesome friends.

Here are some pics that my friend, Elley, took right after church:

Christmas eve was pretty low key. My mom and I did some last minute shopping together, which was fun. It's been a while since we did mother-daughter shopping!

When I got home, I helped Scott wrap his gifts while we watched a little tv together. Then, I whipped up some meatloaf for dinner and peanut butter kiss cookies for dessert. My brother, Max, came over, and we all just hung out together.

We did a gift exchange that night and watched Elf into the wee hours of Christmas morning.
Christmas morning we were very low-key. We stayed in PJs, drank mimosas (well, I had OJ with one splash of champagne for the toast), and played lots of hearts. I was getting sick, my mom was sick, and Scott and my brother were slowly coming out of being sick, so we needed to have a casual relaxing holiday. It was great.

Hope everyone else's Christmas was as joyous and rejuvenating as mine!

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