Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Big 3-0

I've finally hit the big three-oh! I'm thirty weeks along-woohoo. I've been impatiently patiently waiting to be in the last 10 week stretch for a while's finally here!

I have a lot of the nursery finished, but I am actually going to wait to reveal it until after my shower. There are things I'm waiting to hang because I want all the big stuff in place first. I will, however, be revealing the name next week, so stay tuned!

Baby's Size- about 3 pounds now :)

Weight Gain- I just got back from my doctor's appointment, and I've gained a total of 19 pounds! Holy Cow!!!! It definitely sours my mood a bit, but my doctor reassured me that this is a HEALTHY amount to have gained at this point. I was never scale-obsessed before I got pregnant (like never stepped on one), so I shouldn't start now!

Cravings: This past week it was french fries! I had delicious thick fries at the pub we went to on Friday, and two nights ago I caved and had Wendy's fries. NO regrets there.

Symptoms: My acne is finally cooling off! I still have really bad red marks on my cheeks from previous breakouts (they take forever to go away), but there are few new pimples-yay! My main complaint is probably my morning nausea, back pain, and acid-chest, but I'm trying not to dwell on the negative.

Movement: He's very active, still, which I love! His kicks and punches are getting more uncomfortable, but it's so cool! I feel like I can sometimes tell "oh, this is his butt pushing out on the side," or "his feet are kicking up here." Everything is more distinct.

Best Moment This Week: Saturday Scotty and I had breakfast together at our favorite place, Nudy's. It was delicious and leisurely and wonderful! Another major positive is the ridiculously sweet compliment I got on Sunday. A teenage girl at my church commented on how beautiful I was pregnant/how good I still look, and how I'm all belly. I know it's vain, but it really did pick me up for the past couple of days. She was so sincere and not prompted at all.

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