Wednesday, March 20, 2013

31 & 32 Weeks

I'm going to recap the past two weeks together since I kind of skipped it last week.

^Taken at 30 and a half weeks

Total Weight Gain: Last I learned, 19 pounds--eek! I hope I'm not too much more, now!
Baby's Size: Caffrey's about 4lbs at this point (thank goodness since this belly's so big!)
Symptoms: Basically all the same, but not as bad! All the aches and pains are still not constant, my acne has improved some, and my anxiety has even mellowed a bit! My belly button has popped, though!
Cravings: I still love apples, grapes, french fries, and sweets
Best Moments: Having an awesome shower, getting most of my 'big' items for the baby, and basically getting everything close to ready! We need some diapers, more clothes, and an extra car seat base, but beyond that, we have everything!
Worst Moment: Whenever I indulge too much I feel so guilty. Selfishly, I really don't want to be stuck with a bunch of pounds to lose after he arrives!

^32 Weeks! (please excuse my very tired looking face...wth?!)

The next couple of weeks have so much going on. We're really looking forward to it all! This weekend is a much-needed RR time. Next weekend is Scott's cousin's bridal shower AND Easter at our house. Then, we have two catch-up weekends before we go to the Poconos for his cousin's wedding all weekend long. Another weekend of reprieve then it's Scotty's birthday and my SILs' joint bridal shower. That brings us just a couple days before the due date! Mixed in with it all we have to do a hospital tour, put our finishing touches on the nursery, and try to get as much sleep as possible!

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