Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Best=Family Photoshoot

As I have mentioned before, I love Easter. To prep for my favorite holiday I will be posting all week about different fun things about Easter, spring, and what this time of year means to me. 

I've always thought that Easter was the perfect time for a family photo. It's (usually) in the spring--a time of rebirth, so it seems fitting to have a memory of what your family looks like embarking in that new year of life. Last year I didn't get my photo because of the tumultuous timing (after a major family death and the midst of another private family matter), but this year I am determined to get at least a decent picture of Scotty, me, and the bump ;)

Here's my inspiration for a family photo wardrobe:

Obviously, this year I won't have the little person to dress, but I wanted to include choices for the babes, too.

I love the fresh-ness of coral, green, and blue together in a tasteful way. I would just choose one main color, a neutral, and one to two 'pop' or accent colors. For example, I would put Scott in the Khaki pants, blue checked shirt, and green tie with dark brown shoes. To coordinate I'd wear the grey maxi with the bold green necklace and gold sandals. If Caffrey were here, I'd put him in the green pants and a plain light-blue button down. If we also had a girl, I'd put her in the white dress with the blue and green headband. A nice balance of color, neutral, and dimension!

I'll be sure to share our Easter photo next week!

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