Thursday, February 28, 2013

Twenty-Nine Weeks

(My top is actually black with little white polka dots, not multicolored. Also, those are my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans! Yes, they still button, but not for long.)

Baby's Size: Butternut Squash and around 2 and a half pounds! I feel like each week he gets significantly bigger-which he does!

Weight Gain: as of last appointment, I've gained a total of 13 pounds.

Symptoms: Ah, here's the good stuff! I have officially felt the pinch on my Sciatic nerve! It is localized in my buttocks and isn't constant. My heartburn/reflux has been pretty pleasant--not! Sometimes I feel like there is a mini acid monster guarding the bottom of my throat. I still generally feel uncomfortable and have constant back and hip pain, too. My morning nausea has come back, too. Honestly, though, these things don't seem unreasonable or horrible when you think I'M MAKING A HUMAN! I hate all the symptoms, but I love that I have the privilege of being pregnant.

Cravings: You know what would be awesome? Thin mints crushed in a Shamrock Shake, yum!

Belly-Button: It is basically flat, now. Only a short matter of time before it pops out.

Sleep: I get good sleep about 4-5 nights a week, so I won't complain.

Best Moment This Week: Getting a new car! Also, straightening out all the insurance stuff for when the little guy gets here, and lining up a meeting with our front-runner pediatrician! It was a productive week, for sure.

In other news, I wouldn't say that I'm nesting. I had a huge second tri energy spurt that allowed me to get A LOT done on the house in terms of organizing, purging, renovating, and crafting. Now, there are only small things to accomplish and clean, which I have been doing at a leisurely pace.

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  1. Take advantage of those spurs of energy :) Also take naps, lots of naps! I was told by my midwife that once baby was here to nap with them, this way we could still hold energy :) best advice ever.