Thursday, January 31, 2013

25 Weeks

Gah, time is going so slowly/quickly! Only 15ish weeks left! I'm super excited but super nervous, too. I feel like I have so much I want to do before baby C is here, but I've already accomplished so much of it! My "big project list" is getting pretty short, thankfully. I really worked hard in January to get the house ready for our entertaining coming up/the baby.

Here's the belly:

Baby's Size: about a pound and a half! He is pretty significant weight, now!
Weight Gain: 7lbs total. I keep telling myself "you're supposed to be gaining weight!"
Symptoms: The morning nausea is on and off, but not unbearable. Other than that, I just am getting a bit slower and more tired/achey. My hips are definitely feeling the weight but not too horrible.
Movement: Constant and powerful! Baby is very active and strong. I can see the kicks from the outside, but C is pretty stubborn-once anyone looks he stops!
Best Moment This Week: There are so many! Scott got to feel some more kicks at church on Sunday, which was so cool. Monday we enjoyed "date night" after a great doctor's appointment. Dr. M told me that I'm measuring perfect and my weight gain was good, which always makes me feel good! Afterwards Scott and I met up with Elley, Naomi, and Nate at Victory for taco night. It was a complete blast!
Worst Moment: I had a horrible dream about giving birth. I basically dreamt that I expected to just have one baby, went into labor (at 25 weeks), and found out that I was having FIVE babies! My Dr told me that 25 weeks was full term for quints, and the feelings of labor and confusion and fear were so intense. I ended up only delivering three babies? It just reminded me that I am NOT ready to have this baby quite yet. I definitely still need to prep more (and he needs to develop) before I'd be comfortable or at peace with having him. I can't wait...but I actually can for a couple more weeks ;)


  1. You've got a beautiful baby bump, my husband and I are rather big people. So when I reached 25 weeks my belly looked like I was holding two lol I felt like I was having two, but it was just one BIG baby. When he was born, he came out at 9'lb 1oz :3

    if you want to check out my blog as well you can here,

  2. Thanks so much! Wow you really did have a big baby! My brother and I were both big babies, and my mom definitely had a bigger belly at 25 weeks, too.
    I'll definitely check ya out! Thanks for commenting =]

  3. Regardless of the size though, all babies swell up your heart so BIG!!! :D