Thursday, January 24, 2013

Viability Day!

We have reached V-Day!
Basically, if I were to God-forbid have the baby at 24 weeks the baby's survival odds are between 40-70% and the NICU will do everything in their power to save him. Before this date, most insurances will not cover extensive measures to save baby. Starting this week baby's chances of survival rise about 2-3% each day!! At 27 weeks baby has greater than 90% chance of survival. Obviously, we want little C to cook until at least 37 weeks, but reaching V-day is huge and amazing!

I feel like I'm huge!

Baby Size: an ear of corn! He's gained almost 4 oz since last week! He's lean and long but putting on weight every day. (Baby is about a pound and a quarter/pound and a half-woah.)

Weight Gain: I won't know for another week! Last appointment I was up 4lbs, so I'm guessing at my appointment next week I'll be up between 7 and 9 lbs total. I haven't been eating that well, unfortunately, but I haven't been over-eating.

Symptoms: I'm starting to really get uncomfortable. My hips and back hurt frequently, and my belly feels really big. C has been jumping on my bladder almost every night which makes me have that horrible feeling of having to pee. I go constantly! My anxiety has also returned full-force in the past couple of days, but I have a big feeling it's just due to adjusting to Scott being gone ten hours a day everyday. I try to just rest and stay positive.

Cravings: Um, I haven't been able to put the Reeces Peanut Butter Cups down...seriously. Also, I have been wanting MILKSHAKES. I haven't had one this week, but I'm sure I will cave soon mwahaha.

Food Aversions: eggs. I just realized this week that I've been "offended" by eggs this whole pregnancy! I normally love eggs, but now I just wrinkle my nose.

Movement: ALL DAY! I love feeling him move and kick (except for those wonderful times he uses my bladder as a trampoline). I can see them from the outside every now and then, too! Scott doesn't really ever see it, but he's patient.


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