Monday, January 14, 2013

21. YEARS. not weeks.

I turned 21 on Sunday! My celebrations were very low-key but oh so nice.

Saturday my mom treated me, Scott, and my brother to dinner at On The Boarder (yessss). It was delicious, filling, and completely what I was craving. I was going to get a picture, but by the end of the night I was just too exhausted to keep my strapless shirt up any longer. I, instead, changed into leggings, t-shirt, and sweater to lounge and laugh.

Sunday, I started the morning with a quick run to the grocery store and bagel shop with my mom to pick up goodies for breakfast.

Upon returning I enjoyed a scrumptious fresh bagel (or two), played some rock-band songs, and helped make a hearty meal of sausage, meat sauce, and pasta. My dear friends Elley and Meghan came to eat with us. My mom got me a red velvet cake (and awesome black-and-white candles)! It's actually the same cake (from the same place) as my wedding cake, so it definitely was a perfect dessert.

22 and a half weeks pregnant! (And in one of my new favorite tops!)

Being totally goofy!

Love that guy!!
The honored ladies! So thankful for my beautiful mom!
Missing my Dad today, but so happy to celebrate with the rest of the fam!
Love these lovely ladies. Seriously two of the best gals you could ask to have in your life.

I had a great, relaxing, and loving 21st. I count myself as beyond lucky.

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