Thursday, January 10, 2013


Twenty-two weeks!

Baby's Size: Baby's as long as a spaghetti squash (around 11 inches)
Symptoms: Still have the round ligament pain and acne, but most other issues are pretty normalized. 
Sleep: Pretty good! Trying to get back to a bit more of a normal schedule. I use my body pillow most nights now to help my hips. 
Cravings: I'm still on sweets and cereal! I've been eating real fruit popsicles and 90 calorie fiber "cookies" this week instead of full-fledged cookies most of the week. 
Best Moment This Week: Scott got to feel baby C move! We were watching The Amazing Spider Man in bed (loved the movie, btw. we think Andrew G was an amazing Peter Parker) and baby was so active! Scott felt baby roll over and a couple little kicks. It was awesome!

As an added bonus, I have a picture of this handsome dude:
He's pretty yummy.

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