Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I'm going slightly crazy with the projects lately. Although I'm still a good 4 months away from D-day I feel a huge fire under my butt to get things done! I know it's partially because I am starting to "nest," another part because I'm finally feeling better with lots of energy, and because I am anticipating all the upcoming excitement.

We finally chose a shower date--in March, and I want almost all of the "big projects" on the house to be done. This includes: cleaning, organizing, and painting the laundry area, painting the bathroom ceiling, cleaning/arranging both offices upstairs, getting the nursery together, and painting the master bathroom. In addition to all of that, Scott starts his new job on Monday, I'm planning a 60th birthday party for my mom the second week in February, and I'm planning to visit my dad in Fl sometime in late February. To top it all off, my birthday is on Sunday, my dad should be visiting soon to move the last of his stuff to FL (which will open up the other office to organize), and I'm helping my mom plan my shower. WHEW!

The shower is definitely being hosted by my mom. She's thrilled, and I'm excited she gets to have that special shower experience she didn't get when I got married. That being said, I LOVE party planning. I love putting together all the little details and decorations, and designing everything down to the last font. My mother so graciously is allowing me to help in all of the aspects I'm interested in. One of those special aspects is the paper--the paper being invites/wishes for baby sheets/personally designed thank-you notes. Since those have to go out at least 6 weeks in advance, I need to have them all finished by the end of the month! I'm ecstatic at how the graphic design of them turned out! My mom and I collaborated on all of it (since she is the host!) and here's a little sneak peak of how the invite looks!
I have the rest of it, but this is just a little snippit of what's in store! Next step is getting them printed and mounted onto the background. I will be sure to share everything after the shower, but I just HAD to brag a little since I've spent about two hours in the past two days perfecting these special pieces.

Do any of you have any major projects happening before spring sets in? I like to think that all of my work is just a huge spring cleaning prep! Once the shower is over, I plan to just clean and clean and clean until baby C gets here!

PS. now you all know the initials for baby boy!

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