Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This One Time...

I had to rush my husband to the emergency room.

Over the weekend, Scotty had a mild-high fever of about 102. Sunday it broke (yay), and we had a super fun day of relaxing with family. Monday morning, he woke up feeling horrible. His fever was back up, and he felt miserable. He decided to try working, anyway. By about 10:30am he was in so much pain and a fever of 103.9. I called his doctor who told me to get him to the hospital ASAP.

On the drive over, Scott was a bit hysterical. He felt horrible, didn't want to leave work, didn't know how expensive it would be (ended up being a whopping $0 because of his awesome insurance), and had no idea why he was so sick.

This seemed like my first wifely test. I had to get him there, advocate for him with the doctors, provide accurate history and medication, and just be there for him. As much as I felt prepared to do that, I was still scared for him and wanted support, too. I called Scotty's older brother who dropped his day to come over to the hospital. I'm guessing Jay is pretty used to cheering Scott up in the hospital after spending weeks in the hospital after Scott's stroke. It was such a relief to have someone else to update the rest of Scott's family throughout the day, and to help keep Scott's spirits up. I felt like I spent most of the day hunting poor nurses down to get him the right catheters, remind them "just one more time" about Scott's sulfa allergy, and track down stiff straight-caths. Did I mention that I had to flag nurses for straight caths for Scott all day?

Basically, the doctors are unsure of what happened/why he got so sick. They gave him IV antibiotics and sent out blood then sent him home in the late afternoon. I got him his Rx and set him up to rest in the livingroom for the rest of the night. Jay brought over the most delicious meatballs and pasta for dinner.

Today, he is a lot better. Still has a headache, but his fever is almost all the way down and his coloring is coming back!

This whole ordeal has just made me: thankful for my family and completely grateful for my wonderful life with my healthy husband. I could not imagine life without seeing him smile everyday.

Thanks for all thoughts and prayers!

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