Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catch Up Post

This is a bit of a catch-up. I want to show my outfit and talk about my shopping outing with my mom from a couple of days ago. Whenever I think about spring, I think about shopping with my mom. I know it seems weird, but every spring, my mom and I go on shopping sprees. It started with Prom a couple of years ago, then last year it was wedding shopping, so when this spring rolled around it seemed naturally to start going shopping. On our recent trip this is what I wore (once again I am sorry about the horrible phone quality):

 I ended up buying a super cute black maxi from Ross, some half off Chesepeak Bay Candles from Khols, a beautiful Citrine ring for my mom for Mother's day, and the cutest Carters Leggings for my SIL's niece! Here they are:

I had an amazing time with my mom, and will probably continue this tradition for a long time. I heard a saying "A mom is a friend you never outgrow." It is so true. My mom is my best friend and will be for life!

Today, Scotty was feeling SO MUCH BETTER, YAY! We went over to Jay's house to watch the Flyers kick ass and work on Scotty's website stuff. We ordered Chinese, and brought the kitties over to play all day. I'm actually writing my post from his house with Kelly grading papers and Jay working on computer stuff while Scott is grabbing food for dinner for us. We've just been chilling and enjoying family today. Here are some goofy pics:
This is what I wore...again horrible qulity. I just love the casual off the shoulder top with rolled up ripped jeans.

Scott and Jay chilling watching the TV with Cocoa cuddling up close to Scott. And Jay thought it would be funny to stack our cats. Weirdly, they didn't care and just let him!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday!

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