Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back To It

Yeah, we're back to the normalality of life today. I made up the word normality because I like it.

Scotty's fever is gone. He's tired, but that's about it! Yay!!! He went back to work today and is even making dinner.

I went to work today, too! We had a full day of nursing home fun that included: Rummy, beading, one on one conversations, some Italian lessons from one of the residents, and a live drummer (who is also a resident) who gave a nice fun music concert!

Here's what I wore. I got lots of compliments, which was so sweet.

Ps this is the last phone outfit pic for a while because I finally charged my camera battery!!

I had a blast wearing this fun maxi skirt! It swishes when I walk.

Hope you all had a fabulous hump day ;)

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