Saturday, April 7, 2012


Errands, meat, and shoes consumed my day!
Scotty and I finally got out to get some flats for me to wear to work! It's really not great to be wearing heels with my job, because I work in a no-accident environment. If a senior was to fall in my presence while I was in heels, I might not be able to aid them properly. That being the case, I bought the cutest flats from Target for only $15!! They didn't have the nude ones in my size, but I might try to order them online since they are such a steal.

I decided on a little mixy-matchy pattern war today. I really enjoyed it. Again, I paired my awesome blazer with a patterned scarf! It kicks any outfit up a notch!

Scarf: Gap, Tshirt: Pacsun, Blazer: Love Couture, Jeans: so old, Shoes: NineWest

(I love that you can see Banana in the corner of the top pic)

After the shoes, we bought a meat pack from a local deli to last us a month! Scotty made DELICIOUS ribs for dinner. All in all, it was a successful day!

Happy early Easter (my favorite holiday)!!!  

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