Friday, April 13, 2012


Practice Makes Perfect!! That's what everyone says, so I took their advice. I was practicing away with my little camera. I put myself in a very naturally well-light room and snapped away. I figured I would practice, and maybe get some fun shots to give Scotty. I am very pleased with my results, too! I practiced for probably an hour or two, and I can't show you any of the shots!! Not the full ones, at least (I did say they were for Scotty).

Here are a couple of pieces of the pictures I took:

They've been edited/tweaked a bit, too. I'm still playing with how to get great light and how to adjust everything to get a great picture, but I'm super pleased with what I came up with today!

Now, I should probably devote some practicing time to Italian, too.

What are some things you guys have been practicing?

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