Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Day of Love

Scott and I always aim to do something special and non-ridiculous for Valentine's day. I LOVE a holiday about love, and I make sure to celebrate with more than just my lover =] For as long as I can remember I've always made my friends home-made valentines, and I always leave the extra specialist one for my man! (I did do a valentine for my mom and cousin this year, but I'm not going to include them.)

This year we "weren't celebrating." So here's how the day went:

I put on my clothes and brave the dark cold. Ten minutes go by as I scrape off the ice and snow from Scotty's car (aka the best gift of the day). I took a short trip to Wawa for some breakfast donuts.

^ The heart donut was mine, all mine!

I waited for Scotty to be out of the shower so we could eat said donuts. During this time I was enamored by the kitties.

No, Cocoa. Those are not for you...

Then we ate said donuts. I snapped overly unattractive photos of Scotty enjoying his chocolate sprinkle ring of love and sugar.

Then we parted ways. He went to work for the day, and I stayed home. My day basically consisted of Skyping with my dad, doing some laundry and dishes, and a little bit of Netflix.

Scott leaves work. Instead of coming home he goes grocery shopping for me!! What an act of love *swoon*.

My wonderful husband comes home with a full set of groceries, flowers, and a couple of wrapped boxes.
He got me flowers. Not just Valentine's flowers. They are flowers for "you being pregnant, your birthday, and today because I love you." They wouldn't even fit in one vase!

The wrapped boxes? Oh yeah, Girl Scout Cookies! I was going to ask him to get me some (PB patties, shortbread, and thin mints) but didn't. Sure enough, he got me those three boxes!

He is seriously so thoughtful. I love him so much I couldn't possibly put it into words--or just one day.

Scotty-Thanks for being mine =]

The rest of the night will be spent with Scotty, Girl Scout Cookies, and Suits! Thursdays are the best!

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