Friday, January 27, 2012

Decisions and Dreams

On Decisions...
I finally decided to make a blog. It's something I've wanted for awhile, so I thought I'd give it a try. If I really hate it in a month I'll shut it down, but I doubt that will happen. I've been reading a lot of really awesome blogs recently, and I was just so envious about their ability to document all the cool/momentous/sad/mundane parts of their lives in a way that relates to other people, so I had to give it a go.
The reason I named it "Mrs. Southern At Heart": it's true. I feel like I am completely not a 'Northerner' and I somehow was born Southern even though I am from the North and was raised by Northern parents. Granted some of it is generalization, but I seem to associate to the young wives who love to cook and bake and entertain people, nothing like my own mother. I just identify much more with all of those awesome Southern bloggers out there!

Onto Dreams...
I had two dreams last night that I was pregnant. It was so real. I was so sad when I woke up. Alas, my hubby and I are not pregnant. We are trying to wait at least two more months before we start trying, and the wait is killing me. I've dreamed about being pregnant for almost a year now, and each day is such a disappointment knowing I don't have a little peanut in me. Last night, I dreamed I was given a dSLR camera that I've been coveting forever, and was disappointed in the morning as well! Dreams have a way of dampening real-life sometimes, but I just have to be patient.

Thanks for reading!
Mrs. E

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