Friday, August 31, 2012

We Only Like the First Half

Here at the Edwards home, we only like the first half of the alphabet...

The deal is: I don't think anyone cares about my alphabet deal, and it was becoming a chore. Maybe I can't even keep myself accountable for this blog, but it came down to not being worth it anymore.

What I really came here to say husband is getting scarily intuitive when it comes to fashion. Two nights ago I showed him a set I made on Polyvore. The set was for a casual wedding guest. Super cute Tibi dress and nude/peach accessories. The bag was a gold studded beige tote bag. He actually said, "Isn't that bag a little big to bring to a wedding?!"

Someone almost surpassed the teacher.

But I had a method to the big-bag madness. I secretly made the set for an idea of what to wear next summer to my my brother-in-law's wedding. The bag is big enough to hold baby supplies just in case we are lucky enough to need it!

Sometimes husbands can be surprising.

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