Saturday, August 4, 2012

B is for...

Bad smells.

The pipe that leaked on Thursday night had to be fixed ASAP, so Scotty had to cut the pipe and put a shut-off valve on without having the water to the house turned off. When we made the switch-er-oo, water was gushing and shooting everywhere! It was comical in the moment, because we both felt like a typical first time home owner couple on tv commercials and cartoons.

Anyhoo, the water basically soaked the basement floors. With multiple attempts to dry it out, we resorted to cutting up the carpet that had already started to mildew. The smell was not pleasant. I took a short nap after my quick super-early airport run, and the smell was in my dreams. "Not pleasant" is such a kind, non-vulgar way to put it.

With the carpet removed, though, the smell is improving by the minute.

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