Tuesday, August 14, 2012

J is for joking, right?

The other day I went to Homegoods. I was very good and didn't buy any unnecessary items, thankfully. The thing is, though, stores have to be joking, right? They had up Halloween decorations!!

In my world, we cannot think about Halloween until September. August (and most of September) is still SUMMER. 

Well, I wrapped my head around the Halloween thing. You know, in some cases it's a fall/halloween combination, and I do love me some fall. 

When I went to Michaels, though, there were CHRISTMAS decorations up! Trust me, I love Christmas just as much as anyone, but IT IS THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER!!! Yes, we can let our minds wander to that joyous time of the year. Yes we can start budgeting out for the season and start buying gifts that will be helpful when the time comes, but NO, we are not going to start decorating! 

Yes, I have started thinking about Christmas already, but this is overboard. I'm even lenient enough to be perfectly happy with Christmas things popping up in early to mid-November. August is no time for Christmas, though. 

What do you guys think? Are you as surprised as I am? Do you feel like stores are pushing us into the future too much by putting out way ahead of season merchandise? 

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