Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday was D

D stood for Downtime.
Scott and I got some much needed downtime yesterday. We both had off, and instead of killing ourselves with our million projects, we decided to actually spend the day doing nothing but relaxing. 

The plan was all good and dandy until I heard Banana cough. Now I'm hyper-alerted to her breathing and coughing (it's happened four times in about 30 hours). I'm bringing her to the vet first thing today to get her checked out for asthma and hopefully prescribed some Bronchodilators or Albuterol from the start instead of oral medications or "waiting on it." I'm just so scared we'll have another episode like a couple of weeks ago. Seeing her unable to breathe was terrifying, and I want the tools to treat her right away if that happens. I awoke last night to a cough from her, and barely slept since. Hence, my downtime yesterday was just spent worrying. 

It's amazing how animals just find their way into our hearts as our friends and companions. I joke that Banana is our first-born. I know they are not my children, but we love them, care for them, and truly would be lost if anything happened to them. 

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