Friday, July 6, 2012


I've been MIA recently due to some major changes coming up, but I promise to inform you all soon! 
For today, I just wanted to share something from another blog. 

This wonderful blog has started a bit of a commotion about a special thing called "Eden's Pajama Project." Eden, a compassionate five-year old, decided that she wanted to celebrate her fifth birthday this year by sending pajamas to poor children in Morocco. 

You can read the original post here, but I'm including it here, too. I'm asking my friends and family to join in, too. 

Hi everyone! My name is Eden and I’m going to be five years old on August 15th. I am very lucky. I have lots of clothes, toys, books and I even have my own room. But I have been to Morocco where my Grandma Saadia lives. Lots of the kids there don’t have very many things. No toys or art stuff. And not very many clothes to wear. Some kids smaller than me have to sell tissues on the streets for money. It makes me feel sad.

I was surprised when my Daddy told me that hardly any poor Moroccan kids have pajamas. I have lots and lots and lots of pajamas. I wear a fresh pair every night. But not Moroccan kids. They just wear their school clothes when they sleep.

I don’t like bedtime very much. I’d rather stay up and play or do fun things. Sleeping is boring. But I am happy that I have nice pajamas to wear. I put them on and then I brush my teeth and then I go to bed. I want Moroccan kids to have these things, too.

My birthday party is on August 11th this year. I am asking my guests to bring presents for kids in the countryside of Morocco instead of presents for me. My mom asked me how many pairs of pajamas I’d like to collect. I said 30. Then I asked her how many poor kids there are in Morocco. She said a few million. Then I changed my mind. I would like to collect presents for at least 300 kids in Morocco. Wouldn’t it be crazy if we got 3000?

If you would like to help you can send a package directly to my Grandma in Essaouira. In the package, please put:
  • 1 pair of brand new pajamas (for hot weather or cool weather) for a school-aged girl or boy (size 5-12)
  • 1 new kids toothbrush (most kids don’t get to go to the dentist in Morocco)
  • 1 new tube of kids toothpaste

And take it to the post office and mail it to:
Saadia Sabour
Rue Chbanate No. 118
Essaouira, Morocco

tel: 0666 25 20 84

After my Grandma gets these packages, she will give them to my Uncle Omar. He is a teacher in a poor school in the countryside. If he gets lots and lots of pajamas, he will give them to other schools with kids who need things. If you want to add some school supplies in the package for the kids, that would be nice, too. But I really want lots of kids to get new pajamas this summer.

Please help my birthday wish come true!

I will be hitting up TJ Maxx for some returns tomorrow, and while I'm there I will definitely pick up some Pajamas!!!! I hope you all join, and anyone who personally knows me should talk to me about sending them all together to ship. 

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